Almond, Walnut, Peach Farms Face Unprecedented Climate-Driven Pests in California

UC researchers reveal a worrying trend: warmer temperatures accelerating pest lifecycles, threatening major agricultural industries

Codling Moth, a major threat to over 365,000 acres of walnut orchards, is expected to appear up to 17 days earlier by century's end

Peach Twig Borer and Oriental Fruit Moth projections show similar early emergence, compounding the threat to peach crops

Increased pest generations may lead to more frequent pesticide use, raising both cost and environmental concerns for farmers

Experts call for revised pest management strategies to tackle this emerging climate challenge in California's agriculture

The study uses growing degree-days modeling, predicting significant changes in pest behavior due to rising temperatures

Jhalendra Rijal emphasizes the economic impact, stating 'Additional generations...increase crop damage and production cost

Tapan Pathak highlights the need for research to guide strategic planning and resilient crop development against pests.

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