Internet Reacts to Mind-Blowing Lincoln Concept Car Band

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Lincoln Concept Car Band, associated with limousines….…..But the concept car featured in this video from Tik Tok user @sssonny32

Is it so far above & beyond any limousine, we don’t know what to compare it to? A luxury car for the gods, perhaps? Check out the video below to see….

Here’s what the internet had to say about this one.

Tik Tok user @cypher.kian- I was not a fan of what they were seeing when they wrote that “All Lincoln does is good concept cars, but never real ones” While Tik Tok user @chicagolandmalinois was of the opinion that this car would be “a mechanic’s nightmare.”

With Tik Tok user @mzfulfifigdbeauti taking issue with how the doors open, they wrote, “Anyone else see how flimsy those doors were when they opened?” But Tik Tok user @moabcrazyladytourguide was of the opinion that even though the car looked cool, actually driving out on the road wouldn’t be practical: “It’s cool, but dang don’t hit a bump so low to the ground. I think I’ll keep my Jeep.

Though Tik Tok user @jacektarasewicz really loved & simply wrote, “This Car is amazing!”While Tik Tok user @omegadawg 1911 was of the polar opposite opinion when they wrote, “Looks like  a gimmick to me! Will never see a road or highway!”

With Tik Tok user @hurdle53 finding this car to be “Overkill to the tenth power.” And Tik Tok user @lucia isabel100 agreed with the sentiment when they wrote, “I really hope these cars never make it. Takes away everything fun about even owning a car. Why would I spend hundreds of thousands to just sit there?”

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